Mission, Vision & Values


The Clarinda Foundation is dedicated to cultivating philanthropic resources that will nourish a healthy and vital community for all people of the greater Clarinda area today, tomorrow, and forever.

The mission of the Clarinda Foundation is to:

  • Encourage private giving for public good,
  • Build and maintain permanent endowments to respond to changing community needs,
  • Serve as a catalyst and resource to effectively respond to community needs, and
  • Provide flexible tax-exempt vehicles for donors with varied charitable interests and abilities to give.



The Clarinda Foundation envisions a successful locale made up of safe, thriving, and diverse people, supported by a strong and active charitable sector that is essential to our quality of life, and motivates public involvement through philanthropy.


The Clarinda Foundation believes that communities are healthy and vital when:

  • They are welcoming to all and community members support and care for one another.
  • They have the capacity to succeed.
  • They are sustainable.