Share with Clarinda

Be a Part of Something Bigger! Share with Clarinda!

The Clarinda Foundation Board of Directors and staff invite you to join in our effort to provide for our community–now and forever–with a contribution to the Share with Clarinda Fund. Funds from the Share with Clarinda campaign are granted annually to support community projects and assist non-profit organizations that impact our community as a whole.

The Foundation Board has awarded over $1.3 million in grants since its establishment in 1986. You can review the complete Grant Award History on our website here. Below are just a very few of the grants the Foundation has awarded over the past 10 years:

  • 2012$3,500 to the Page County Fair Board for the paving of the parking lot on the fairgrounds and in 2013 – $15,000 for the same project;
  • 2013$15,000 toward the Clarinda Community Trail and in 2014 – an additional $15,000 for the same project; and in 2021- an additional $50,000 toward Phase II trail extension
  • 2015 – $26,700 to the Clarinda Lied Center for the expansion of the exercise room;
  • 2016 – $12,000 to the Page County Fair Board to remodel the Wibholm Hall restrooms;
  • 2017 – $7,042 to the Sew & Share Food Pantry for construction of the pantry and equipment;
  • 2018 – $50,000 to Clarinda Parks & Recreation for the new city park playground;
  • 2019 – $10,000 to the Clarinda Medical Foundation for the Junior Cardinal Backpack Program;
  • 2019 – $10,000 to the City of Clarinda for the development of two downtown greenspaces;
  • 2020 – $20,000 to the COVID-19 Response Fund to assist temporarily unemployed restaurant and service workers affected by industry closure
  • 2021 – $8,070 to the Clarinda Police Department for tasers
  • 2022 – $25,000 to Clarinda Regional Health Center for a new ambulance

In addition, the Clarinda Foundation awarded a $100,000 challenge grant to the Southwest Iowa Families new building project in 2020 and a $150,000 challenge grant to the Partners in Exceptional Care/Clarinda Regional Health Center building project in 2021.

We feel that in some manner each and every resident of our community has been touched by projects the Clarinda Foundation has funded.  The Foundation Board members take pride in the greater Clarinda community and have the desire to see the Share with Clarinda Fund continue grow so that future projects can be achieved.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of a charitable donation to the Share with Clarinda Fund. To make your donation, click Printable Share With Clarinda Form to print and mail a donation form. To make an on-line donation click here.

If you would like to learn more about Share with Clarinda, please contact us at 712-542-4412 or Email.

Clarinda Foundation Board of Directors & Staff
Bobbie Jo Allbaugh, President
Scott Brown, Vice-President
Mark Walter, Treasurer
Cynthia Alvarez
Luke Cox
Eddie Lisle
Renee Riedel
Dave Sperry
Pallin Turner
Jim Varley
Josh Wyman
Beckie T. Finch, Executive Director & Board Secretary
Gail Wallin, Office Assistant
Jessica Hoppmann, Marketing Assistant