How to Apply for a Grant

The Clarinda Foundation’s 2022 Grant Application is now available!!!

Click to download the grant application: 2022 Grant Application


Completed 2022 Clarinda Foundation Grant Applications are due June 1, 2022 to:

Office: 114 E Washington, Clarinda, IA  51632

Or mailed (postmarked by May 31st)

Or pdf file to:


To be eligible, your organization must be:

  • 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations.
  • Component units of government organizations (Fire Dept., City & County Parks, etc.)
  • Organizations providing services within the greater Clarinda area.
  • Entities operating and organized in compliance with applicable laws prohibiting discrimination.


Complete the following Checklist of Instructions to apply.


  • Cover Page has been completed, including contact information and Federal Tax ID number
  • Description of Organization and Brief Overview of Project have been completed
  • List of Board Members
  • All Questions of Purpose have been answered
  • Organization’s 2022 Budget has been included
  • Copy of most recent CPA audit, financial statement or tax return (IRS 990 Form)
  • Project Budget detail has been included
  • Written estimates and bids should be included if available
  • No handwritten copies shall be accepted. This application can be completed on your computer and printed for delivery to the Clarinda Foundation. Additional sheets may be included and all additional required information shall be included (i.e., pre-printed information such as board of directors and financial statements).
  • Do NOT put applications in binders, notebooks or other presentation packages and do NOT staple the application
  • Applications may be hand delivered to the Foundation office no later than 3:00 PM on June 1, 2022 or received via US Mail postmarked no later than May 31, 2022.
  • Copy of the organizations 501(c)(3) IRS Determination letter is submitted with the grant application
  • Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement completed if a fiscal sponsor is being utilized